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Ken Block Hoons Fans in Fiesta ST

Competition winners in Budapest were treated to time in the passenger seat next to the drift king.

The original Hoonigan Ken Block was recently seen in Hungryworking his magic with a beaten-up 1991 Ford Sierra wagon. Having done thebusiness with that, the drift champion was then invited to the capital Budapest,which was holding its annual AMTS tuning show, in order to take some contestwinners for a spin in a Fiesta ST. After getting first-hand experience with theGymkhana legend, the fans were able to test their skills on a special trackfashioned on Europe’s largest ice skating rink (but without the ice).

Block then went on a solo run to show-off his skills that have made him the darling of the drifting world. Check out the video to see the maestro in action and look forward to his forthcoming Gymkhana project with DC later in the year.

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