Ken Block Is Going To Race Up Pikes Peak In His Mad 1,400-HP Mustang


This is the first teaser trailer for "Climbkhana."

We recently got a look at Ken Block's newest co-star in his "Gymkhana" video series, the Hoonicorn V2. The second coming of the Hoonicorn sports two turbochargers and runs on methanol, with its V8 kicking out an incredible 1,4000 horsepower. We knew Block built this car for some shenanigans, and initially we thought he'd be doing some hooning in an exotic location or through some densely crowded urban area, aka the stuff the "Gymkhana" series is known for. But that's not the case. The Hoonicorn V2 is going to make its debut in "Climbkhana."

As the name suggests, the new series will feature hill climbs. The first hill Block will head up is none other than Pikes Peak. The full video of that run is set to drop in summer of 2017, but Toyo Tires just released a sneak peek of what's to come.

In this teaser we see Block coming damn close to sliding into rock walls and drifting up long, sweeping bends in the 12.42-mile Colorado road. (You could say the stakes have never been higher, pun intended.) The finished product should be unlike anything we've ever seen from the pro driver/hooner before, which seems to be the intention. Block told Top Gear that, "I've long wanted to extend Gymkhana beyond the backdrops it has been living in. Climbkhana gives me an outlet to let it all hang out and run it sideways, plus add some additional obstacles along the way." Sometimes change is unwelcome. But other times it's a good thing, especially when it involves a mad Mustang drifting its way up Pikes Peak.


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