Ken Block Risks His Life In This Death-Defying Terrakhana Video

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This is like playing Forza Horizon in real life.

If you haven't heard of professional rally driver Ken Block and his incredible Gymkhana drifting videos, it's time to crawl out from under that rock. Block is now the most famous hoonigan on the planet thanks to his incredible driving stunts like racing up Pike's Peak in a 1,400 hp Mustang and jumping an F-150 Raptor for MotorTrend. Block's newest video is called Terrakhana, and it looks exactly like a session of Forza Horizon 3 off-road driving, but in real life. Mr. Block has clearly outdone himself with this incredible video.

In Terrakhana, we see Block take his 600 hp Ford Fiesta ST RX43 beyond mortal limits in Swing Arm City, UT. At 4,300ft of elevation with an ambient temperature of 102° F, this Fiesta was taking a massive beating as Block jumped it and drove up sheer vertical peaks.

This may easily be the most visually spectacular and death-defying stunt that Ken Block has ever performed. In an interview with Top Gear, Block said that Terrakhana is "basically taking that driving style that I do in the Gymkhana videos and applying it in other unique situations, this new one ('Terra' meaning earth)… we're doing it in a unique dirt-type situation. I've always wanted to take that driving style and do different things with it." The only time that we have ever seen anything so spectacular is on sessions of Forza Horizon 3, which is only a game. Ken Block has the ability to take something that we could only dream of doing and turn it into a reality.

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