Ken Block's 'Climbkhana' Is The Most Death-Defying Gymkhana Video Yet

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Is there anything that can faze Ken Block?

You'd be forgiven for forgetting all about Ken Block's 'Climbkhana' hill climb Gymkhana spin-off. First announced last October, Ken Block proved that nothing can faze him with a teaser showing the rally star tackling the terrifying Pikes Peak circuit in his Hoonicorn Mustang V2. After last week's teaser trailer got us hyped again, the full terrifying nine-minute-long video has just dropped nearly a year later courtesy of Toyo Tires, proving once again that Ken Block is a fearless driving god -and it doesn't disappoint.

This is without a doubt the scariest, most insane, and most death-defying Gymkhana video yet. While Gymkhana videos are always fun and thrilling to watch as you marvel at Block's god-like precision driving skills while he throws cars around obstacles and through narrow gaps at insane speeds, there was rarely any sense of jeopardy. Climbkhana ups the ante considerably.

It takes the familiar Gymkhana formula of expertly executed slides, handbrake turns and tire-destroying donuts, but with the added danger of sheer cliff drops at practically every turn. The stakes have never been higher in a Gymkhana video – quite literally, since the 12.46 mile, 156-turn circuit reaches a 14,000 feet summit. One slight misjudgment would have fatal consequences – try not to wince at the heart-stopping shot of the 1,400-hp Mustang drifting along the edge of a cliff face with inches to spare. Block somehow makes it all look so effortlessly easy, and probably didn't even break a sweat. What he will do next is anyone's guess, but it will be hard to top his latest automotive antics in Gymkhana 10.

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