Ken Block's Fiesta Goes from Rally to Rallycross

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Where would the echallenge be if Ken Block had two different cars for rally and rallycross?

You may not have been aware of this before, but Ken Block races in a hybrid. No, it's not a battery-equipped hybrid like the Toyota Prius, but a hooning hybrid. Called the H.F.H.V (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle), Block's ultimate Ford Fiesta is required to perform in two fashions: dirt-covered back roads and the smooth pavement of a speedway. This new video released by Ford Racing shows the conversion process this special Fiesta goes through every time it goes from rally racing to Rallycross.

Block raced the Fiesta on September 23rd at the Olympus Rally in Washington State and in this video, we're taken through the three-day Rallycross conversion process it took to get his Fiesta ready. It's quite an undertaking considering the powertrain is swapped out along with a number of other mechanical conversions such as bigger brakes and new wheels and tires.

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