Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Becomes Boosted Meth Addict With 1,400 HP

Methanol and boost are how you improve on perfection.

Back in November 2015, Block and the RTR tuning crew (run by fellow Monster Energy athlete Vaughn Gittin Jr.) unveiled the Hoonicorn RTR Mustang at SEMA. It was an immediate hit, as you’d expect from a purpose-built 845 hp 1965 Ford Mustang. But powerful old Mustangs are nothing new. Block's version was special as it was the first one in the world fitted with all-wheel drive. It needed this because it was set to star in Gymkhana Seven, possibly the coolest of the series. The perfection is even more so now.

The tuners upped their game and strapped a pair of turbochargers to the Hoonicorn, and while they were at it changed the car to a methanol diet.

The original setup was a full race-spec 6.7-liter Roush Yates V8 creating 845 hp and 720 lb-ft of torque, an impressive number for sure. The thing is, SEMA goers have seen this before so for the 2016 event the crew decided to change things up a bit and strapped a pair of fat turbochargers to the big V8 lump. These feed 21 lb of boost into the big V8, and tuned on methanol the results are 1,400 hp at the crank. The car was also given new livery with a patriotic theme, as you’d expect, and it looks brilliant. On the new performance, Ken says: “When I say that this is the absolute most frightening thing I’ve ever driven, I’m not exaggerating. At all.”

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