Ken Block Says Goodbye To Ford

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After more than a decade of hooning.

Few in the world of motorsport will be unfamiliar with the name Ken Block. Block has become one of the biggest names in drifting, and his unique style and brilliantly entertaining drift videos have taken the world by storm. Block, who pilots a stunning array of high-performance race cars, including the 1,400-horsepower Mustang Hoonicorn, has always been a big fan of Ford cars. In fact, he is such a big fan, that he has enjoyed a professional relationship with the brand for over a decade, and has been behind the wheel of a wild number of these blue-blooded cars, including a race-spec Ford Fiesta and Mustang Mach-E rally machine.

But after 11 years of collaboration, Block has revealed that he is parting ways with Ford .

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The Words 'Ken Block' and 'Ford' have gone hand in hand for so long that some of the younger fans can't even remember a time before the two weren't partnered up. Block's infamous Gymkhana series has featured a plethora of high-performance Fords and has racked up over half a billion views since first going online. In a recent series by Hoonigan, Ken's 1,400 hp Mustang can be seen going up against some of the world's fastest cars and stealing the hearts of young and old across the internet.

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Talking to the media after the announcement, Block said "It's simply been a dream come true to work with the company that built the truck that my dad drove when I was a teenager. I'm super appreciative to Ford for the support over the years, but I am also looking forward to what an unrestricted 2021 holds, and the ability to spread my wings a bit and play with a lot of other toys." Limiting someone like Ken Block to only one manufacturer would be a travesty. Spread your wings Ken.

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