Ken Block's Audi RS e-tron GT Isn't The Only Modified Example Anymore

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This body kit looks wild.

Audi builds some of the slickest cars around, and the RS e-tron GT has to be one of its coolest contemporary models. You don't really see these cars being modified, which is a tragedy, as its lines beg for flared fenders and air suspension. We know that Ken Block drives a lightly modified one, and other electric Audis look absolutely bonkers with performance upgrades, but they have nothing on this insanely-styled RS e-tron GT that wears a complete Maxton Design body kit. In a YouTube video posted by Auditography, we get a full walkaround of this unique beast, and it's fair to say that this is the wildest Audi RS e-tron GT we've ever seen.


This unique RS e-tron GT has been modified from tip to toe and now features a fully-revised front end befit with a revised front bumper, massive front lip, and enough fins and intakes to eradicate the entire bird population of North America. The fenders have been flared and the side skirts almost look like step ladders. The car has been absolutely slammed on a set of K&W springs along with the standard air suspension. The entire package rolls on a set of 22-inch Turismo Inventa carbon wheels that fill every inch of those wheel wells. The owner of this machine, Wojciech Malag, is actually the owner of Turismo Wheels. The exterior is finished off in a menacing 3M charcoal satin black wrap.

This Audi looks like it wants to fight you, and the bad news is that it will probably win: this Audi ain't no slowpoke. Under the body of this electric speed machine hides the same dual electric motor setup as in the Porsche Taycan. This dual motor setup is hooked up to a two-speed automatic transmission. The combined power output of 590 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque can be temporarily boosted to an insane 637 hp, which allows this electric bullet to bolt to 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds and top out at a limited 155 mph. We like that more EVs are getting aftermarket love, especially the fast ones.

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