Ken Block's Audi RS e-tron GT Looking To Smash Lap Record

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The Hoonigan EV shows its stuff on one of the world's most technical circuits.

At the moment, it feels like the Audi RS e-tron GT is the brand's favorite child and we completely understand why. It's not the German company's first-ever electric car, but it definitely adds an element of excitement to the new segment with its striking design and thrilling EV powertrain. Even Ken Block fell in love after he was provided with an exclusively commissioned company car.

While not as capable as the RS Q e-tron rally racer, this Hoonigan-branded EV truly looks the part with its Rotiform wheels, lowered suspension, and nifty roof box. It may look like this custom creation focuses only on visual aesthetics, but Block insists that it retains its RS prowess. In a bid to prove this, he's taken it to Laguna Seca in an attempt to break some lap records.

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The fastest car to lap the notoriously technical circuit is the Ferrari F2003-GA Formula 1 car with its time of 1:05.78 while being driven by Marc Gene in 2012. This is an impressive feat considering that not even the Porsche 919 Evo could best it when it took to the circuit in 2018 during Rennsport Reunion VI.

The car that Block really needs to beat is the specifically tuned Tesla Model S Plaid that achieved a time of 1:28.21 just last year. This is less than a second shy of the current production car record holder, the McLaren Senna, which achieved a time of 1:27.62.

Ken Block/Twitter Ken Block/YouTube Ken Block/Twitter

Despite it looking like a family vacation car heading for the ski resort, the Audi RS e-tron GT seems comfortable going through the illustrious corkscrew as its advanced Quattro system ensures that all four wheels maintain traction through the unlevelled apex. After a good few warm-up laps with the time still being way off from the Tesla, Block opts to turn off all of the assists to see if he can get within the record-breaking region.

This helped him shave a second from the time but unfortunately, with a closing result of around 1:43.00, Block was unable to get even close to the track-specified Tesla. Block still calls it a victory nonetheless as it is technically the fastest production EV to go through the circuit in wet conditions with a roof box and non-slick tires. If he wants a trophy for that obscure record, it may take a while to get it engraved.

Ken Block/Twitter Ken Block/Twitter Ken Block/Twitter

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