Ken Block's Final Gymkhana Gift: Electrikhana Two In Mexico City

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The film was shot in Mexico City in November 2022, just three months before we lost the Head Hoonigan in Charge.

Hoonigan has shared Ken Block's final parting gift with us: Electrikhana Two: The Mexico City Sessions, or at least, that's what it was called; it's now more aptly titled One More Playground. The film was shot near the end of November last year, around a month before Ken Block tragically died in a freak snowmobile accident.

The first Electrikhana film was released a month before shooting began for the new film, but in the interim, Audi and Block made several changes to the S1 Hoonitron so that it would better suit Ken's unique driving style. One of the most noteworthy changes was the addition of simulated gear shifts.

We've been introduced to this technology before, and it has always been touted as a means of making EVs more engaging, but in this case, the tech was developed to make the S1 Hoonitron easier to handle. As you'll see in the film below, easier management has not made the end product any less dramatic.

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

The so-called digital gearbox with its paddle shift action allowed Ken to more accurately mete power out, as the previous setup would see a small jab of the throttle vaporize the tires as the wheels went from 15 mph to a speed of 120 mph instantaneously. This probably meant that Ken could get more shots done before having to pause for new rubber - the first Electrikhana saw him burn through over 100 sets of tires.

Block also wanted to experiment with driving features only a custom-made EV can offer, like performing a standing burnout with all four wheels by having each axle drive in opposite directions. He also played with instantly switching from all-wheel to rear-wheel drive and shifting into reverse at all sorts of speeds, and the virtual differential was fiddled with to alter how the chassis feels.

Don't expect to do standing burnouts in your RS e-tron GT just yet, but it may happen someday, thanks to the Hoonitron.

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

With beautiful landmarks like the Plaza de Toros, the Museo Soumaya, and the Benito Juarez International Airport, the film's visual impact is stunning. But it pales in comparison with the emotional impact of the last-ever Ken Block Gymkhana film, and the tribute at the end is truly touching.

The future of the Gymkhana series is in good hands, but nobody will ever replace the Head Hoonigan in Charge. We would have loved to see what he and Travis Pastrana had planned for a collaborative film, as well as what he and Audi might have done in the future, but as poignant as his loss is, at least his family will keep his inimitable legacy alive.

Ken Block blazed a trail for content creators and auto enthusiasts alike and showed that your only limits are those you impose on yourself. If we all aim to live life to the fullest, as he did, we can keep Block's legacy alive, too.


Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

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