Ken Box's Gymkhana is a Great Spoof

Creativity, a big factory and a lot of downtime is the perfect storm for a Ken Block spoof.

We at CarBuzz all love Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, and judging by the view counts on those videos, so do you. Now, most things this popular would by now have been parodied in some way, usually as a loving tribute. But the scope of those videos, as well as the skill needed to make them, have made it difficult for anyone to parody them, until now. The video is called Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana, and it’s actually a pretty faithful recreation, just smaller.

We’re guessing that these carts are a bit easier for doing tricks with than a rally car, but it’s also probably safe to assume that it also took plenty of practice. Getting a gorilla inside your factory is no easy task either.

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