Kevin Bacon Embraces The EV Lifestyle In New Hyundai Ioniq 6 Video Campaign

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The commercial is aimed at convincing consumers to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Legendary actor Kevin Bacon has teamed up with Hyundai to market the new Ioniq 6 in a rather unusual advertising strategy. The campaign, titled Your Dad Is Going Electric, is a humorous take on the traditional dad and the pride he would have in his new wheels.

However, it goes much further than that and attempts to encourage consumers to make the switch to electric vehicles. After all, if your dad can change his ways, why can't you? "If you are someone on the fence [about] going electric, we hope this campaign starring Kevin and Sosie Bacon will show how early adopters, at any stage in their life, can easily make the switch," said Hyundai's Angela Zepeda.

Two videos (seen below) star both Bacon and his real-life daughter, Sosie, who play off each other in the admittedly amusing adverts.


The 60-second advert starts with Bacon arriving at his daughter's home, clearly proud of his new electric wheels. In a nod to the stereotypical dad joke, the Footloose actor quips, "It's electric, don't be shocked." Daughter Sosie talks to the camera, highlighting that even her dad - not one for modern technology - has bought an electric car.

It's clear to see that Hyundai is trying to encourage customers of all ages and backgrounds to make the switch, even though it may seem intimidating at first. But the automaker has also taken the opportunity to showcase some of the Ioniq 6's impressive features, including the fast-charging capabilities, impressive travel range, and ambient lighting.

In some ways, the campaign is very similar to one recently launched by BMW. In that video, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an anti-tech version of himself and regales the good old days while the new BMW i Vision Dee convinces him that the future is exciting.


A shorter commercial, titled Grandkids, puts a comical twist on the maddening "when am I going to get some grandkids?" question. "You know I'm doing this for the next generation," says Bacon while behind the wheel of the Ioniq 6. Daughter Sosie quickly shuts the conversation down, leaving the Golden Globes winner to explain that an electric vehicle is better for all generations.

This isn't the first time automakers have turned to Hollywood in an attempt to sell cars. Last year, Toyota ran a campaign for the Tundra titled The Joneses, which starred several celebrities with the shared surname of Jones.

Whether it works remains to be seen, but we're guessing the Ioniq 6 will find many homes in the USA, with or without the celebrity endorsement. Available with a single- or dual-motor setup, the swoopy sedan offers up as much as 320 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque and offers a range of up to 361 miles.


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