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Kevin Costner's Toyota Tundra Looks Ready To Dance With Wolves

SEMA 2018 / Comments

If he builds it, they will come to Toyota's SEMA booth.

Head to the SEMA show and you're bound to see some cars and trucks customized by celebrities – NASCAR drivers, country-music stars, and the like. Even actors, like two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, who worked with Toyota on this special Tundra.

The one-off pickup was built to Costner's specification by Complete Customs out of McKinney, Texas, with all manner of upgrades for use off-road. That includes custom bumpers front and rear with integrated Warn winches and LED auxiliary lighting. But that's just the start of the long list of modifications by The Bodyguard himself.

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Costner's truck also features a two-piece roof rack, covering the bed and storing everything from jerry cans to camping gear. And inside it features a pair of gun lockers, TV monitors in the backs of the front seats, even a padded sleeping area for the kids. The whole thing rides on a 4.5-inch lifted coilover suspension and 18-inch wheels wearing knobby 35-inch tires. And while the powertrain appears to be essentially stock, it does breath through a TRD exhaust.

"Kevin was involved with the project from start to finish," said Shaun Freilich of Complete Customs. "He knew exactly what he wanted."

"He made it challenging, but it was also a blessing. Some guys will just throw crazy ideas at you and expect you to make it happen, but he was willing to work closely with us to make his vision a reality."

The truck is on display this week at SEMA, but it's no stage queen. The star of such award-winning films as Dancing With Wolves and Field of Dreams has already been driving it around his Colorado ranch, and took it with him on location in Montana to film the second season of his new show Yellowstone.