Kevin Hart Shows Off The First Ferrari SF90 Spider In The US

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Comedic rockstar sh*t, as Hart would say.

Kevin Hart is the proud owner of several unique machines that help his collection of supercars, luxury cars, and muscle cars stand out. Among the comedian's one-off rides include a custom 1959 Chevrolet Corvette custom convertible he bought for a record $825,000 at auction and the 1,000-horsepower Speedkore Charger. More recently, Kevin Hart sold his one-of-a-kind V8-powered 1977 Ford Bronco.

While the latest addition to his amazing car collection is not a one-off creation, it's the first of its kind in America. To celebrate the release of the new Netflix crime film True Story, Kevin Hart treated himself to a brand-new Ferrari SF90 Spider.
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Finished in black, Kevin Hart's Ferrari SF90 Spider is said to be the first example delivered in America since the topless supercar debuted last November. For his obligatory social media photo posing next to his new toy, the comedian wore a matching outfit, with a yellow hooded sweatshirt matching the SF90 Spider's yellow brake calipers and black pants and sunglasses matching the supercar's black paint. He didn't share any close-up shots of the interior, but we can see he specced his SF90 Spider with black leather seats trimmed with yellow accents, matching the sleek and sinister exterior of the hybrid supercar.

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Like its hardtop Stradale sibling, the SF90 Spider is powered by a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine paired with three electric motors and an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Combined, this setup produces a monumental 986 hp, enabling Ferrari's first plug-in hybrid convertible supercar to sprint from 0-60 mph in a neck-snapping 2.5 seconds before it tops out at 211 mph. Kevin Hart hasn't said how much he paid for the privilege of owning America's first SF90 Spider, but the topless supercar starts at an eye-watering $558,000 before you start adding options. Of course, this is small change when you're one of the richest comedians in the world with a net worth of around $200 million.

Owning an SF90 Spider would be a dream come true for most people, but this is just one of several Ferraris in Hart's collection joining his 458 Spider, 488 Pista, and two 488 GTBs.

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