Kevin Hart Unveils Dark Knight Buick Grand National With Cadillac V6 Power

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And the SEMA crowd loved it.

Buick's electrified future is now set in stone, with models like the Electra arriving in a few short years.

But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the brand's past. Kevin Hart clearly hasn't, but that's to be expected from the well-known gearhead. At SEMA 2022, Kevin unveiled his latest one-of-a-kind build in collaboration with MagnaFlow. It's a custom Buick Grand National he dubbed "The Dark Knight."

The Grand National is undoubtedly doing its best to earn that name, with a blacked-out exterior, black wheels, and plenty of carbon fiber touches. Hart worked with MagnaFlow, HRE, and more to build the vehicle over the course of roughly eight months.

Magnaflow Magnaflow Magnaflow Magnaflow

There's more carbon on the body than you're led to believe at first glance. The hood is carbon fiber, but it's been painted black to match the rest of the car. A custom-made splitter and front fascia have been fitted as well. Mercifully, it keeps the GN's original T-Tops.

Hart reportedly wanted to stay true to the original Grand National beyond just the T-Tops, which meant sticking with the car's V6 engine layout.

However, this isn't a Buick motor. Instead, it's built by Cadillac, right out of one of the brand's V-Series cars. Obviously, noise is handled by a MagnaFlow exhaust.

Magnaflow CarBuzz Magnaflow Magnaflow

Unfortunately, that's about all MagnaFlow had to say about the custom engine. It doesn't mention the car's HRE wheels or the unique "Dark Knight" lettering. The press release didn't mention the interior, but you can see that it mimics the original but with a modern twist.

We don't have confirmed engine specifications, but if we had to guess, the team borrowed an engine from a Caddy CT4-V Blackwing. It's powered by a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 that produces 472 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque. Given Kevin Heart's love of high-horsepower cars, it must have been tuned up to at least 600 horses.

We've reached out to MagnaFlow to try and get some specifics on mechanical upgrades for this Buick and will update this article with the results.

The car is part of the "Kevin Hart Collection," which includes a custom C1 Corvette and Hart's Speedkore Charger.

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