Kevlar Coated Hummer EV Goes Back To Its Military Roots

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Is it cool, or a monstrosity?

At over 9,000 pounds with building-like proportions, the GMC Hummer EV Pickup already stands out on the road. But that hasn't stopped Florida-based SoFlo Customs from making it even more outrageous. The shop coated the 1,000 horsepower electric truck in green Kevlar and installed a four-inch lift kit. It now rides on 20-inch rims wrapped in massive 38-inch tires. Is this the coolest customer Hummer we've seen so far, or a total monstrosity? We'll leave that up to you.

"I couldn't be more proud to introduce our version of the baddest factory truck on the planet - the Hummer EV," said Joseph Ghattas, owner, engineer, and head designer of South Florida Customs. "While there is nothing that quite sounds like a freshly dropped Hemi Hellcat in one of our Jeeps, this Hummer EV delivers steering-wheel clenching power to unprecedented levels. It was such a fun project that we have already ordered a second and third Hummer EV to continue our Strikeforce conversions."

SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs

SoFlo Customs is famous for its Strikeforce conversions, which pay homage to US military members. This particular Hummer trades in its white paint (the only color currently offered by GMC) and replaces it with Army Green. The original Hummer H1 can trace its roots back to the US military Humvee, while the latest Hummer EV is based on GM's Ultium electric vehicle architecture.

The Kevlar coating on the exterior won't stop a bullet, but it should protect from rocks, tree branches, and other debris while off-roading. SoFlo says it's working on more exterior modifications for its next Hummer build, including an armored front windshield, a slanted top for the bed, and a push bar for the grill.

SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs

Perhaps even bolder than the Kevlar exterior is what SoFlo did to the Hummer's interior. This is not GMC's most luxurious cabin, but the shop replaced nearly every fabric surface with thick leather. EVs like the Hummer typically use synthetic materials, but this custom build looks like it sacrificed plenty of cows in the name of luxury.

If you're in the market for the most outrageous Hummer available, this is probably it. SoFlor Customs will sell you one starting at $219,999.

SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs SoFlo Customs

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