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At least the Cadillac Escalade isn't affected this time.

A new trend is underway that potential buyers of the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL need to bear in mind. The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage is forcing automakers to come up with solutions to get models built and delivered to dealers using the limited supplies at their disposal.

According to GM Authority, these full-size SUVs are no longer coming with Wireless Phone Charging. The Cadillac Escalade does not appear to be affected, though it was only last week when we reported that it, along with the above SUVs, are no longer being built with the Electronic Steering Column lock feature. The lack of Wireless Phone Charging is not a big deal, like the steering column lock, but it's an annoying situation. Vehicles built beginning July 12 are all affected.

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As was the case last week, GM is offering buyers a credit as compensation, now raised to $75 from $50. The trade-off for not having wireless charging and a few other chip-reliant features is that the assembly line can keep going. Shutting them down completely is not an acceptable scenario because these SUVs are GM's biggest cash cows, along with trucks. That's why production plants building less popular models like the Camaro and Malibu were idled first in order to help conserve as many chips as possible.

It appears the lack of wireless charging will remain in place for the rest of the current model year, but we wouldn't be surprised if it were to continue until the 2022 model year or the first part of it.

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Industry analysts don't see the chip crisis ending until sometime next year. This is something that won't be resolved overnight, meaning chip supplies will gradually increase as production increases. Automakers have been battling to get their hands on these chips and once they do, immediate action is taken.

One recent example happened last week with the Ford F-150. The Blue Oval managed to obtain a sufficient enough chip supply to complete the final assembly of thousands of new F-150s. Those trucks are now being shipped to dealerships nationwide, much to their relief as new vehicle inventory has never been lower.

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