Kia Already Discounting Gorgeous New 2021 K5

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The deal you've been waiting for is here.

The Kia K5, formerly known as the Optima, is all-new for the 2021 model year and it looks absolutely stunning inside and out. Its Optima predecessors were design leaders since the third generation's 2010 arrival and Kia fully intends to continue this path. While many mainstream automakers, including GM, Ford, and FCA, have dramatically scaled back their sedan offerings (or eliminated entirely) in all size segments, Asian brands like Kia have no intention of backing down. And to help get the New Year off right, Kia has begun offering the K5 with interest-free loans.

CarsDirect reports all versions of the 2021 K5 are now eligible for 0 percent APR for 60 months.

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It's not like interest-free long-term loans are anything new in the auto industry, especially during the pandemic era, but they're not always available on all-new models like the K5. And the deal can get even better for some. Customers who switch to a Kia from a competing brand will also receive a $750 conquest bonus.

Last month, the K5 interest rate offered by Kia's financing arm was 0.9 percent but there was no $750 bonus. This month's savings offers about a $1,300 advantage. If a K5 is listed at $25,000, then you'd be looking at a monthly payment of $417 before taxes and other associated fees. To compare, a 5-year loan at, say, 4 percent, translates to $460 monthly and will cost you over $2,600 in interest.

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Those who might prefer to lease a new K5 will find a $199 monthly offer on an LXS trim for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing. Combined, this amounts to $282 per month. However, the K5's corporate cousin, the Hyundai Sonata, is currently cheaper to lease with a total monthly payment of $257. Fortunately, there's time to decide because Kia's K5 offer isn't set to expire until February 1.

Following CarBuzz's 2021 K5 test drive last summer, we noted our five favorite features, including styling and technology features, of what could very well be the segment's benchmark. It's kind of a shame Detroit will have no response.

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