Kia Carnival Transformed Into Practical Campervan With Rooftop Tent

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$16,000 is all it takes to transform your family minivan into a budget-friendly campervan.

Barring a few unfortunate recalls, the Kia Carnival is one of the best minivans money can buy. In fact, it is one of our favorites. But a company called Unicamp sees far more potential in the Carnival and has transformed the people carrier into a stylish and capable camper called the Univan RT CL.

The sizeable cabin has been outfitted with everything an adventurer could want, while a pop-up rooftop tent offers accommodation for at least two individuals. Unicamp says the rooftop folds out automatically, but in the case of an emergency, it can be extended manually as well. The tent can be opened and closed using Kia's Smart Key and interior buttons, which is a nice touch.

Unicamp's rooftop tent measures 40 inches wide by 85 inches long.

Caleche Customs
Caleche Customs
Caleche Customs

According to the company, the tent is rather sophisticated and can spring into action in less than five seconds. There's also a safety system that can detect obstacles and pause operation.

Adventurers often traverse areas with harsh terrain, meaning the rooftop tent needs to be strong. That's why SMC (reinforced thermosetting plastic) forms the outer material of the tent. The tent's durability is guaranteed as the mold is "extruded at high temperatures." Not only does that make it somewhat impenetrable, but it also improves sound insulation and prevents deformation.

The best part of this new camper van is that the addition of the tent doesn't impede on the practical interior. This means the Carnival can serve as a people carrier during the week and an adventure van on weekends and holidays.

Caleche Customs
Caleche Customs
Caleche Customs

As for the cost, you can expect to pay $16,000. There's no denying that's a lot of money, but it's far cheaper than some of the high-end trailers and camper vans we've seen in the past. Then again, it's not as luxurious as they are. In the near future, Unicamp has plans to launch a lower bed section and modular outdoor kitchen, making the Korean minivan even more practical.

So why the Kia? According to Unicamp, the demise of the Metris led them to the Carnival's doorstep. The news that Mercedes was canceling its practical van first came last year, and it seems the Kia Carnival will be the de facto vehicle for camper van conversions.

With a starting price of $33,100, a base Carnival (with the tent fitted) would come in at $49,100 - far cheaper than some rivals.

Caleche Customs
Caleche Customs

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