Kia Cee'd Spied Proving That The Korean Cars Can Actually Be Sporty

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If all goes well, this could morph into a serious Ford Focus RS competitor.

Antitrust laws in the auto industry are the most heavily enforced rules around as evidenced by auto giants like Volkswagen or General Motors so it was only a matter of time until Korean car companies Kia and Hyundai merged together to help one of Asia's larger economies join the world as a major force in the industry. Now that the deal has taken place, Hyundai has taken over as the more luxurious and comfortable of the two brands while Kia is donning the hat of sportiness.

Most recently, our spy photogs caught the new Cee'd reinforcing this image. While the Detroit Auto Show saw the reveal of the Kia Stinger, which featured aggressive looks to match the rest of the Kia family, the new Cee'd appears sleek, modern, and determined even when covered in camouflage. Thin headlights and tail lamps help the hatchback look wider and more planted while the grille retains the automaker's signature "Tiger Nose" aesthetic. Based off the Hyundai i30, one can expect the C apostrophe D to share engines with its cousin, meaning the same array of gasoline and diesel engines as well as their turbocharged versions should be made available for every Cee'd application.

Our spy photographers also managed to snap some pictures of the interior of the car, which served to further cement Kia's new position as a sportier brand. That's because, unlike the i30, the Cee'd has a sparser interior that keeps things simple with air vents flanking the navigation screen rather than sitting under them as in the i30. Given the popular nature of hatchbacks in Europe where the Cee'd is sold, the five door version will be out first followed by a wagon six months later. While it may appear to be a mundane hatchback, there are a couple of reasons that we should be excited about the Cee'd aside from the fact that it used to be Top Gear's car for the star in a reasonably priced car.

One reason is that if things go well for the Korean car duo, we could one day see a high power Cee'd that, like the i30N, will bring the heat to cars like the Ford Focus RS. One can dream right?

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