Kia Confirms More Name Changes Are Coming

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We will see more new names, not just at the brand level.

Kia recently hosted an industry Q&A session to discuss its recent name change and corporate rebranding. Along with a new logo, Kia Motors is now simply Kia, and the new brand slogan is "Movement That Inspires." These changes all come as part of an effort to change people's perception of the Korean brand, as the company introduces a slew of new electric models.

During the presentation, Kia teased nine new electric models and confirmed that they would be named EV1 through EV9, confirming an earlier leak. It also provided a very brief glimpse of the first one, codenamed the CV. Though it only takes up a small portion of the screen, this is the first time we've seen the CV without any camouflage. The CV, which will take the place of the Kia Niro EV, will arrive in production guise in Q1 of this year; and it won't be the only new model to join the lineup.

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Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation, confirmed when we would see the company's new logo on a production car. "From now on, the new Kia logo will be applied in connection with model year changes and facelifts. We plan to adopt the new logo across our products and services by the first part of next year. Our first dedicated EV, codenamed the CV, will be the first model with the new logo."

While the CV will be the first Kia to receive the new logo in the global market, it won't be the first US-bound model to wear it. That honor will go to the 2022 Carnival minivan. For those unfamiliar with that name, Kia confirmed that the Sedona would be rebadged as the Carnival, much like how the Optima was changed to K5.

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Kia also confirmed that more alpha-numeric names are coming to its global portfolio, and likely the US lineup as well. Currently, the K5 and the K900 sit among conventionally-named models like the Rio, Forte, Cadenza, and Stinger.

"We are adapting the alpha-numeric in our cars globally, so all of the sedans will be 'K' plus a number," said Artur Martins, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Brand & Customer Experience at Kia. As for the crossovers and SUV models, those will remain the same. "We have very strong nameplates like Sportage, Telluride, and Carnival. Those products we will not change because they have big equity in the market."

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2020-2021 Kia Telluride Front Angle View

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