Kia EV6 Owner Discovers Problem With Tesla's Supercharging Network

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Non-Tesla models may face issues at Tesla's charging infrastructure.

Tesla has only grown from strength to strength in the past decade or so. When it first debuted, the Model S was a true revelation, bringing electrified motoring into the mainstream. Over the years the brand has bolstered its offerings and has remained at the forefront of innovation. One of the brand's biggest drawcards is its massive Supercharger network. Not only are they found pretty much everywhere, but they also provide rapid charging.

EV owners rejoiced last year when the brand announced it would open the charging service up to all makes and models, allowing everyone to revel in the benefits. Of course, it wasn't a selfless act; Tesla will obviously make plenty of profit from this decision. Available in certain parts of Europe, owners of all types of EVs can enjoy the convenience afforded by the Supercharger network. However, there are a few issues facing non-Tesla owners.

Bjørn Nyland/YouTube Tesla Bjørn Nyland/YouTube

While non-Tesla EVs are able to utilize the Supercharger network, a number of problems have made it not as seamless as owners would have hoped, with some models reportedly struggling to connect to the Superchargers. But, as the driver of a Kia EV6 recently found out, there's another issue that may cause EV owners to become frustrated.

In the video above, the Kia EV6 is seen charging at a Tesla Supercharger. The owner hops out of the car to demonstrate the flaw. Locking it and placing the key far away, he returns to the stylish Korean crossover and shows just how easy it is to remove the charging cable while the car is still locked. This is obviously something that needs to be rectified, as impatient EV drivers could easily unplug one vehicle and start charging their own.

Bjørn Nyland/YouTube Bjørn Nyland/YouTube Bjørn Nyland/YouTube

"If you want to steal the plug from a don't need the app or access to the car. You just press [the] button (on the charging plug) and you stop the charging." The presenter illustrates this with his own EV6, showing just how easily the charger can be removed. Interestingly, he notes that he has tried the same experiment with a Tesla and it "did not work."

While Elon Musk's decision to open up the Supercharger network is a good one, the ability to unplug someone's EV is dangerous and can lead to some pretty awkward interactions at charging stations. This, however, may just be a teething issue as the introduction of non-Tesla vehicles to the charging infrastructure is still relatively new.

Elsewhere in Europe, the carmaker recently opened up the Supercharger station to all makes and models, in areas affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What's more, the CEO has made the service free, in an attempt to help EV owners flee danger in the hostile territory.

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