Kia GT Arriving in 2013; More Variants Also Expected

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Kia has big plans for the future of their upcoming GT halo car.

There's no doubt that Kia will be launching a production version of their GT concept first shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show last September. Over the past couple of days, sources within the South Korean automaker have confirmed to InsideLine that a production version will be coming to market in 2013. The idea is for the rear-wheel drive GT to be Kia's halo model as they attempt to improve their marketing position with the goal of taking on some of Europe's most established brands such as Audi.

In concept form, it was powered by a 3.3-liter 390hp turbocharged V6 and mated to an eight-speed automatic. Kia would like to present the GT as a cheaper alternative to those looking to buy a luxury car at a more modest price. In addition, Kia is considering two-door coupe and station wagon variants with the intention of creating a new model family. Without question, Kia's aggressive expansion plans couldn't have been possible without the talent of their chief designer, Peter Schreyer, whose past credits include the original Audi TT. Photos displayed are of the Kia GT concept.

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