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Kia GT Concept Takes Priority Over GT4 Stinger


There can be only one - for now.

There’s no doubt that Kia has created two incredible-looking concepts that could very well reach production: the four-door GT and GT4 Stinger. The latter was just unveiled earlier this month at Detroit while the GT was introduced at Frankfurt in 2011. Both are visually striking and are a far cry from the econoboxes Kia used to build. This is all thanks to Peter Schreyer, who’s now president and chief design officer for Kia. His past experiences were at VW and Audi where he penned the first-gen TT.

So it now begs the question as to which of these concepts will see production. Schreyer recently gave an answer claiming "the four-door (is more likely to go into production) because it has already been shown some time ago…we are now two years since it has been shown." The GT4 Stinger could still very likely go into production, but Schreyer clarified that it’ll still take a few years for it to make the transition from concept to road car. Schreyer did add that the Stinger can be "put into production (almost) the way it is," adding the headlights will need some modifications. He also clarified what we already suspected: the Stinger was designed with a roadster in mind.

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