Kia GT To Enter Production

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Since their GT Concept was such a hit at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Kia has announced that they will be putting it into production.

It has only been a few weeks since Kia surprised the world with their new GT Concept ahead of the Frankfurt Auto Show, but they've already prepared another surprise for us. Kia has announced that the GT will be going into production and that we will be seeing the first ones arrive in 2013. We don't have a word yet on price, but it would probably be safe to assume that it will cost noticeably less than similarly styled vehicles, like the Aston Martin Rapide.

It is also as yet unknown if the name will be changed. Ford already has a car called the GT, so we're expecting that there will be a name change revealed around the time the production version of the car makes its debut. As long as the 3.3-liter 390 horsepower V6 from the concept makes it into the production car then we'll be happy.

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