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Discounts of up to $2k are on the table.

Kia recently unveiled an all-new Optima, only now the midsize sedan is called the K5. This striking car rides on an all-new platform that it shares with the Hyundai Sonata and competes with the likes of the Honda Accord and Mazda 6 Sedan. The debut of the new K5 comes with fresh pricing, ranging from $23,490 to just over $30k, and the traditional host of deals for buying and leasing. However, when it arrives this summer, the K5 will be offered with a discount of up to $2,000 as well as low interest rates, according to CarsDirect.

Early estimates indicate that these discounts will be targeted to those looking to lease, rather than buy.

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Hyundai is offering 0.9% APR for 48 months but also offers alternatives such as 60-month and 66-month options at 1.9% and 2.9% respectively. Alternatively, you could also go for the 72-month option at 3.9%. There has been no official comment on rebates, but those looking to lease can expect some serious discounts. Kia offers different deals depending on trim level. For example, a 36-month lease on a GT-Line car offers a $900 discount, while LXS and EX cars can offer up as much as $1,100.

For the best deal, you should look at the 24-month lease deal on the EX which will bag you a discount of $2,000.

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Kia has stated that all K5 trims are available with low-interest financing, but leasing info doesn't indicate any offers for the base model LX or top of the range GT. Kia's first available deal will be on the LXS which you can get for $229 per month stretching over 36 months, with a $2,999 sign up fee. That deal is based on an MSRP of $25,455 and an allowance of 12,000 miles per year. That will work out to around $312 per month.

At that rate, the Kia K5 will cost $40 more than the 2020 Kia Optima LX at $272 and will cost $20 more than the Hyundai Sonata SE. Those who would rather wait for the rebates to kick in are in for some potentially good news. If you're capable of leasing the car and then quickly buying it outright, it could see you taking advantage of the incentives that are offered on the leasing side. Current offers on the K5 will come to an end on August 3.

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