Kia K8's Cabin Looks Like A Fantastic Place To Sit

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There's loads of rear legroom.

US customers tend to only buy large luxury sedans and SUVs from premium brands, which helps to explain why the new Kia K8, a replacement for the Cadenza, isn't going to be sold here. This is a pity, as models like the Genesis G90 have shown us how much luxury and technology can be had at a price that'll embarrass the Germans. To get more of an idea of exactly what we're missing, a new video gives us an even closer look at the K8's stunning interior. Many of the luxury car staples you'd expect to find inside a Lexus or Audi are apparent in the K8.

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There is plenty of wood, gorgeous diamond-stitched door panels, and what looks to be an enormous amount of legroom for those sitting at the back. Yes, the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a more dramatic interior, but the K8 is clearly one of the most luxurious products ever developed by the Korean marque. Dual 12-inch screens ahead of the driver are similar to what numerous Mercedes models offer.

Kia says that the wood surfaces were inspired by modern yachts and their contemporary matte finish definitely looks the part. The light cream upholstery here looks even better than the brown-colored cabin we've seen previously.

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Along with three-zone climate control, heating and ventilation of all the seats in the K8 can be adjusted. On the steering wheel, we can see some of the controls for the driver-assist functions. The Kia features adaptive cruise control and can sense when vehicles to the side are driving too close. At around the 03:50 mark in the video, we can also see one of the most intricate exterior light designs ever. Each front K8 indicator lights up in a series of seven individual flashing diamonds, and they put on a flashy lighting animation when the driver approaches the vehicle. The latest video serves as confirmation that the K8 is a fabulous luxury sedan.

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