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Kia K900 Interior Could Easily Be Mistaken For Audi Design

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Seriously, it looks that pretty.

Late last month we were somewhat surprised to learn Kia will soon unveil its second generation K900 flagship luxury sedan. Why the slight surprise? Because sedans, in general, are losing the sales war to crossovers of all sizes. On the other hand, the Kia Stinger, with its liftback design, is now on sale, so it'll be interesting to see how well it does over the next year. But for now, Kia has unveiled a second K900 teaser image, this time its interior. The previous teaser showed the sedan's silhouette and some new design elements.

Honestly, it was not particularly exciting, but this second teaser has our attention. Why? Well, despite the fact it's a sketch and not an actual photo, this teaser shows what could easily be mistaken as something from Audi. Swap the Kia badge for Audi's ringed emblem and, it's startlingly close. Now, we're not implying Kia is not capable of building interiors as good if not better than Audi, which is sort of the industry leader here. What we are saying is that Kia appears to be continuing to up its game in design, luxury and refinement, and, hopefully, fit and finish and material quality. Kia says the new interior, like exterior, was created in close collaboration between its global design headquarters in Namyang, Korea and its US design studio in California.

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It describes the look as minimalist, with a cabin that wraps around the driver. Soft-touch surfaces, a blend of highly tactile wood and metal veneers, and leather throughout are to be found. At the center of the dash is a 12.3-inch HMI screen, while drivers will also be able to adapt the cabin with a new mood lighting system. A total of 64 colors and seven themes are at their disposal. Kia has yet to announce when the new K900 will break cover, but given the timing of this latest teaser, a New York Auto Show reveal later this month sounds likely.