Kia Kills Off The One Model Nobody Really Cared About

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No tears will be shed.

To be honest, we even forgot this particular Kia was still around, and so did the rest of the buying public, it appears. According to CarsDirect, Kia has quietly discontinued the Forte Koup even before the 2017 model year got underway. A Kia spokesman confirmed the news, stating the kill decision was made "To better align with our customers' purchasing trends." Kia will now simply sell-off whatever remaining 2016 Forte Koups are on dealership lots and call it a day.


Demand for smaller cars is just not what it once was, mainly because of cheaper gas prices and a growing demand for – you guessed it – crossovers. So this move really isn't all that surprising. Forte sedan and hatchback sales are still going strong, which are so far "up nearly five percent over last year's record pace." The Forte Koup also stood no chance whatsoever against, specifically, the all-new Honda Civic coupe, which is better equipped and has better fuel economy while still costing about the same. But if none of that really matters to you and you still have your heart set on a little, somewhat sporty, but economical stylish coupe, now's not only your last chance, but a great time to buy because rebates and incentives are there for the taking.

In some ways, the Forte Koup was sort of a missed opportunity for Kia because it never made an effort to extract its possible performance abilities, such as what Honda does with the Civic Si. The Forte Koup SX, the sportiest trim, is powered by a 1.6-liter turbo four with 201 hp, which isn't horrible, but also not exciting. The Civic Si coupe, to compare, has 205 hp but comes with a sports-tuned suspension, an adaptive damper system, and a limited-slip differential. Honda made the performance effort, Kia didn't.

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