Kia Launches New Horki Brand

2013 Shanghai Auto Show / Comments

As the Chinese market continues to grow at a fast pace, Kia has become the latest automaker to announce a new sub-brand specifically for that country.

Let's face it: China has now become perhaps the most important automotive market in the world, next to the US. Automakers are scrambling for their share of the pie and that competition will be nothing short of ruthless. At the same time, some of those automakers are launching new sub- brands specifically for China, and Kia has done just that at this year's Shanghai Auto Show. Called Horki, this new brand is part of the South Korean automaker's joint venture in China, called Dongfeng Yueda Kia.

It is slated to begin sales in the second half of 2015. For now, Horki has unveiled its first concept which doesn't even appear to have a name, although we're told it's based on the new Kia Forte's platform. No other details regarding the concept were announced. As strange as the Horki name sounds, the official press release states that the name combines two Chinese characters, Hor (which signifies China) and Ki (which refers to driving). The concept appears to be attractive enough but we're not exactly booking tickets to China to go and see it, either.

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