Kia Launches Powerful But Silent Campaign To Celebrate 576-HP EV6 GT

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This impactful advert is sure to provoke thought in the anti-EV camp.

Kia has unveiled a new advertising campaign for the EV6 GT, centering around the blistering performance of the rapid electric car. It's rather clever and tackles an issue many gearheads have with EVs - a lack of engine noise. The 40-second video - titled "Silence is Powerful" - features Kris Martin, a professional driver who is also hearing impaired.

The 576-horsepower Kia can be seen charging around a racetrack with gusto, Martin sliding around corners in a smoky show of skill and precision. In between the dramatic scenes, the former Le Mans driver uses sign language to convey several messages.

"I don't need noise to tell me something is fast," he signs, before adding "I can feel 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds."

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The EV6 GT is the Korean brand's most powerful vehicle yet and, according to Kia, third-party testing has shown it to be faster than a 2021 Ferrari Roma and a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder. That comes as no surprise when you look at the performance figures. The svelte-looking EV can sprint from rest to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, before hitting its top speed of 161 mph.

Despite the incredible performance, many will dismiss the 576-hp EV6 GT as yet another soulless electric car - simply because it doesn't have a conventional powertrain and an alluring engine note. Kia is clearly sending a message to EV detractors with the help of Martin who, towards the end of the video, signs "I've been deaf since I was born. It taught me one thing," which then leads to the "Silence is Powerful" tagline.

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As much as we love a thumping great V8 and a melodious exhaust note, there's no denying that electric vehicles have an entirely different appeal to them. Instant torque and rapid acceleration are both wonderful traits of electric vehicles, for example.

"Gone are the days of loud engines and noisy acceleration. The all-electric EV6 GT shows that you don't have to announce yourself to illustrate your power. In this new era of electrification, the EV6 GT has the confidence to be quiet without losing any swagger or bragging rights," explained Kia's Russell Wager.

This hasn't stopped certain manufacturers from trying to recreate the sound of internal combustion for the electric era. The Dodge Fratzonic Exhaust, fitted to the Charger Daytona SRT Concept, is said to be as loud as a Hellcat and provide gearheads with an iconic exhaust note - but zero emissions.

Kia America/YouTube

Kia has placed plenty of faith in the EV6 GT and, in the United Kingdom, the electric performer is expected to replace the loveable Stinger. Thankfully, the two will live side-by-side in the USA (for now, at least) but we won't be surprised if the EV6 GT eventually takes over from its gas-powered sibling.

At $61,400, the EV6 GT is one of the biggest performance bargains on the market right now. Many will be satisfied with the performance on offer, but that doesn't mean an even more powerful variant is out of the question. Last year, Wager told CarBuzz that performance upgrades could be on the cards. "We'll always be looking for more performance. Nothing is impossible here," he said at the time.

Kia America/YouTube

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