Kia Looking To Develop Roadster Halo Model

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As Kia looks to move up in the automotive market, the South Korean automaker is reportedly looking into building a roadster that would serve as their halo model. The proposed roadster would be a two-seater that's meant to compete with the likes of the Mazda MX-5. It would be designed by Kia chief designer Peter Schreyer, whose past credits at Audi include the first generation TT. The picture shown here is the KCV III concept from 2003.

So far, Kia has not announced any specific styling details, but it's very likely it would be an evolution of the current design language. It makes sense for Kia to go in this direction and the compact roadster market, having been very good to Mazda over the years, is something that Kia very much has their eye on. No dates were given as to when we'll be seeing the first concept model.

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