Kia Makes A Return To The Superbowl

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The South Korean brand is taking up a 60-second spot at the sporting event

Kia America has announced that it will be making a return to the Super Bowl this year with a 60-second ad spot. The brand's last feature at the event was two years ago in which it displayed the Kia Seltos. The upcoming feature has been designed to build on the brand's established presence at the sporting event. This will be the company's 13th big game advert with previous spots including one portraying its "Accelerate The Good" charitable initiatives.

Included in its history is the "Great Unknowns Scholarship" which provided much-needed educational assistance to students looking to avail themselves of higher education. The "Yards for Homelessness" initiative was also launched to provide resources to the population of homeless youths throughout the country, but Kia has not hinted what the theme of this year's ad will be.

Kia Kia EV6 GT Rear Angle View Kia
Kia EV6 GT Rear Angle View

Kia's last Super Bowl spot (the one mentioned at the outset and featuring the Seltos) saw the brand punting its "Tough Never Quits" campaign. The commercial aired at the 2020 event and portrayed rookie running back Josh Jacobs from the Oakland Raiders returning to the streets of his hometown in Tulsa. In this skit, he came into contact with his younger self to convey some essential advice and inspiration about overcoming serious challenges. As a child, Jacobs was subjected to homelessness but was able to climb from the streets and into the NFL. To relay this message, he climbed into the driver's seat of a Kia Seltos. As we said, not much has been relayed about the 2022 ad, but we were provided with an image of the Kia EV6, so we'd bet on electric mobility being part of the message.

Kia Kia

Advertising during the Super Bowl is a prestigious and costly procedure. Last year, NBC's average asking price for an ad spot was around $5.6 million for a 30-second feature, but with Kia's ambitious plans for this year, the automaker has to spend big to earn big. Sister company Hyundai has also been investing in its public image with a spot in the critically acclaimed Spider-Man: No Way Home. All this money being spent on marketing appears to be working for both companies, but that doesn't mean we're not expecting a huge production for Kia's 2022 Superbowl LVI spot, especially since it opted to skip last year's extravaganza.

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