Kia Planning Secret New EV By 2027

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But what could it be?

At the Kia 2023 Investor Day, the automaker announced that it will introduce an additional EV by 2027, bringing the grand total of new electric Kia vehicles to 15. Last year, the Korean giant announced it would launch 14 EVs in the next four years, all occupying various segments.

Of course, the brand hasn't said what the newcomer will be, leading us to wonder what Kia has suddenly added to its product plan. We already have the lovely EV6, and the EV9 just made its North American debut. We also know that Kia has plans to introduce a smaller electric crossover in 2025, bringing the tally up to three. Of course, we shouldn't forget the new Niro EV, although it's unclear whether Kia includes this in its plans.

Kia has also said it will launch two electric pickup trucks (one for emerging markets) and an affordable electric city car.


Furthermore, the Korean automaker also said new midsized electric vehicles will be produced in China this year. We can't forget about the PBVs (purpose-built vehicles) that will serve as battery-powered commercial vehicles. Kia has already teased two futuristic-looking commercial van concepts, giving us an idea of what will be available in 2025.

All of these future cars are practical and rather sensible, aimed at catering to the masses, as Kia has always done. However, we're guessing the manufacturer will also want to introduce something more luxurious, or even sporty, to serve as an electric halo car.

It's not entirely out of the question. Electric sports cars are big business, and it seems that a new EV supercar is revealed every week. With Genesis filling the luxury niche in the Hyundai Motor Company universe, we may very well see an electric Kia sports car arrive by 2027.

2024 Kia EV9 Front Angle View Kia
Rear Angle View KIA

The now-defunct Stinger is proof that Kia can build an exciting car that handles well, and the EV6 GT is rather exciting to drive too. If the company were to go down the electric sports car route, it would surely benefit from Hyundai's strategic relationship with Rimac; the boutique supercar is helping the automotive giant develop exciting driver's cars for the future. This reportedly includes a Kia-branded fuel-cell sports car.

We'd love to see a desirable Kia electric vehicle that appeals to enthusiasts, and should this be the case, the automaker would be one of the first brands to enter the mainstream EV sports car segment. "In order to become a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider, Kia needs to continue its efforts to strengthen [Kia's] brand identity and establish an innovative and customer-centric business model," said CEO Ho Sung Song.

The automaker also announced an annual EV sales goal of 1.6 million vehicles by 2030.

Front Angle View Kia
Rear Angle View Kia

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2024 Kia EV9 Front Angle View
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