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Kia Prepares for Frankfurt with Niro Concept

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The Niro Concept may or not may not preview Kia's expected Nissan Juke fighter, but it's definitely a styling exercise.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is kind of a big deal. Aside from Geneva and Paris (which alternates with Frankfurt every other year), it's the most important European auto show for brands to reveal their latest models and concepts. Kia has been on a roll lately with some of the best-looking affordable cars on the market, and Frankfurt is the ideal venue to display its new Niro Concept, a preview of the automaker's latest styling language and possibly even the upcoming Nissan Juke fighter.

Earlier this month Kia released a teaser shot of the previously named KED10 Concept. Today, more images were released of the urban concept crossover, which was designed at the automaker's Frankfurt design studio specifically with "European tastes and expectations in mind." If Kia finds that public reaction to the Niro is strong, then it'll very likely implement parts of its design into future models. But one thing is for certain: if Kia wants to expand sales even more, some sort of Juke fighter would be a very smart idea. We don't know any specifics regarding the Niro Concept, but those details will arrive in less than two weeks when Frankfurt 2013 opens its doors.

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