Kia Previews Pro_cee'd GT

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Kia's keen on increasing its street cred, starting with the new Pro_cee'd GT.

Just the other day we reported on plans afoot at Kia's headquarters in South Korea to dial in some excitement into its lineup. But before a new rear-drive sportscar comes along, Kia will release a performance version of its awkwardly-punctuated Pro_cee'd hatchback, as previewed in this official teaser rendering. The sketch shows an exaggerated version of the sport-hatch but with a few key elements. One is the red stripe on the front splitter, similar to AMG's treatment of the Mercedes A-Class and what VW does with the grilles of its GTI.

There's also LED running lights and new wheels that will undoubtedly be larger than the existing Pro_cee'd's, though not as cartoonishly oversized as the rendering suggests, of course. Under the hood, expect the Pro_cee'd GT to pack the turbocharged 1.6 from the Hyundai Veloster Turbo, driving 184 horsepower to the front wheels through a six-speed manual for an eight-second 0-62 time. Since the Cee'd family isn't offered in North America (dedicated as it is to the European market), the GT won't be making the transoceanic voyage to our shores. But that's just as well, because we're sick and tired of all the apostrophes and underscores, anyway.

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