Kia Proves Gary Busey Has Completely Lost It


At least he didn’t drop the “May I have a little kiss before you go? I'm very lonely here” line.

Gary Busey is a legend in cinema. He has been cast as Buddy in the Buddy Holly Story, Vic in Suspicious Minds, a cop in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Clayton in Piranha 3D (not every movie is a winner).

We knew he was starting to lose it when he appeared on Entourage on HBO, however Kia has decided to confirm those very thoughts on their latest nationwide PR campaign. Now, don't us wrong, we here at CarBuzz love Gary Busey. He just scares the hell out of us. Seriously, watch out for the twitch in his right eye.

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Kia's adverts seen here run in Houston, Tx and Pittsburgh, Pa. He is plugging the Korean motor company's 2011 and brand-new 2012 Sedona LX minivan and the 2011 Optima Hybrid flawlessly with the help of the 'Party Crew,' which absolutely includes a hamster. After you watch these videos, remember "Gary sent ya." And CarBuzz too. Gary and CarBuzz sent ya.