Kia Provo Concept Heading to Geneva

Kia's latest concept could potentially be an early preview at a future Nissan Juke rival.

There’s no question that Kia has come a long, long way from the old Asian econoboxes it used to produce. Credit goes mostly to design chief Peter Schreyer, whose years at Audi and Volkswagen, have helped Kia reinvent itself with a more stylish image. Just look at the new Provo Crossover Coupe Concept that’s scheduled to debut in Geneva later this week. Envisioned as a competitor to the Mini or Citroen DS3, the Provo has leaked out earlier than expected.

The stark lines of the Provo are jazzed up with a metallic grey paint-job accented by an orange roof, front spoilers and brakes and hubs on the chrome wheels packed inside muscular wheel arches. Dual exhaust and diffuser are present out back as well as that cool taillight design. The interior is both minimalist and futuristic, with quilted leather, digital dials and an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel like you'd find in a racecar. We're expecting more details to arrive shortly, but if this is what Kia has planned for the near future, count us on board.

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