Kia Really Want You To Believe That LeBron James Drives A Kia

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We're going to need more convincing.

Kia is doing its best to reestablish its K900 as a car you should spend a ton of money on. The biggest challenge the South Korean automaker faces is public perception. Really, who is going to buy a Kia for $54,000? To help combat this, the company has hired LeBron James to promote the car, but of course no one believes the NBA superstar really rolls around in a Kia. In response to social media skepticism, Kia is rolling out a new ad campaign starring James and the K900.

The commercials are all responses to real tweets that basically say James wouldn't be caught dead driving a K900. James and Kia are out to prove he actually does, and this is the ad that kicks off the quest.

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