Kia Releases New Cee'd Sportwagon

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Some say it's shorter than its rivals, and that it also has more space. All we know is... it's called the Cee'd.

American car fans may only know the Kia Cee'd as the reasonably-priced car which the stars drive on the original British series of Top Gear, but believe it or not, the Cee'd is an actual car which the Korean automaker sells in the European market beyond the walls of the Top Gear studio and its adjacent test track. The hatchback version was recently replaced at the Geneva Motor Show just this past March, and with the Paris show fast approaching, Kia has now released the new, second-generation Cee'd Sportwagon.

Hitting European showrooms today, the new Kia Cee'd Sportwagon was designed alongside its hatchback counterpart for Europe in Europe. Styling was undertaken at Kia's design studio in Frankfurt, and it will be built at its plant in Slovakia. Engines consist primarily of diesel powerplants, including an 89-horsepower 1.4 and a 126-horse 1.6, mated to manual or automatic six-speed transmissions with stop/start engine management. Kia claims the new Sportwagon is both shorter overall than its rivals but also packs more space. If that's the case, other carmakers had better watch out because the Cee'd could stand to take away some serious marketshare from the industry leaders.

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