Kia Reveals Ambitious Sales Plans For 2022

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Kia is looking to build on the success it saw in 2021.

The Kia EV6, among other products, will be receiving a more expansive global launch program throughout 2022. The South Korean brand will be using this as a platform to further expand on its share throughout the global market. This projection comes after the manufacturer experienced a successful year of sales in 2021.

Kia confirms that throughout the last 12 months it was able to sell 2,777,056 cars, a 6.5 percent increase year-on-year. Outside of its domestic market, Kia enjoyed a 9.1 percent increase from the previous year, shifting 2,242,040 units. Within Korea alone, the total figure came in at 535,016 units.

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So, which were the most successful products from the brand? It shouldn't be a surprise that the brand's Sportage, given the SUV craze, was the biggest global seller for the year with a total sales figure of 363,630 units. This was followed by the more compact Seltos with 298,737 sales and then by the Fortewith a modest 240,627 units finding new homes.

Kia seems pretty adamant that it can build on its 2021 success with a sales projection target of 3,150,000 units for 2022. This 13.4 percent increase is attributed to the minimized supply chain disruptions that were caused by the pandemic. The arrival of new electrified products such as the EV6 GT as well as the all-new Niro range will also enhance appeal in select markets.

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As for the month of December alone, Kia was able to clear 47,789 car sales within the Korean market. This reflects a 23 percent increase over the prior year but where overseas sales are concerned, it experienced a 9.9 percent drop with 161,176 units. Overall, this brings the year-on-end change to 208,965, which is a four percent decrease.

While competitor brands such as Toyota and Ford are yet to reveal their 2021 sales figures, we can see that next to a more niche and EV-focused brand such as Tesla, Kia was able to sell quite a bit more cars. Tesla's current offering only features four options and its products are available in fewer regions so the 936,172 deliveries figure next to Kia's 2,777,056 figure is rather admirable. This signifies just how much work the EV6 is going to have to do to win the hearts of those EV fans.

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