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Kia Reveals Justice League Sorento at Comic-Con

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The eighth and final Justice League-inspired Kia has been unveiled in San Diego.

The Wonder Woman Sportage was the last of the seven superhero-inspired vehicles to be rolled out. And after ten months and eight vehicles, Kia's partnership with DC Entertainment has finally ended, culminating in the final custom vehicle that combines all seven Super Heroes into one. The one-of-a-kind Justice League-inspired Kia Sotrento has been unveiled at Comic-Con where comic book artist Jim Lee applied the finishing touches to the car in front of a live audience.

A special online charity auction on eBay will now take place with proceeds to benefit the "We Can Be Heroes" campaign that aims to raise awareness of the hunger crisis in Africa. The Justice League car will be the centerpiece of the auction, featuring all seven iconic characters drawn by Jim Lee with West Coast Customs recreating the artwork through hand-painted custom air-brushing. All eight Justice League-inspired cars will be on display throughout Comic Con at Petco Park, San Diego.

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