Kia Reveals Power And Safety Upgrades For 2021 Stinger

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The car is more attractive to buyers than ever.

The Kia Stinger is one seriously pretty car. So pretty, in fact, that some are willing to steal relief funds to get their hands on one. The 2021 model was recently released to the public with a host of interior updates, but now we have more information on what's happening under the skin for the new model year. The changes include a new engine option, a new exhaust system, more driver assistance features, and an upgraded infotainment system. According to Kia, the Stinger now offers "greater usability enhancing its appeal for buyers in markets around the world."

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Let's talk about the new engine. It's a 2.5-liter T-GDi and is exclusive to North American customers. Dubbed 'Smartstream', the new turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces 300 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque. This sits between the existing 2.0-liter turbo and 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 options. The latter powerplant now gets an electronic variable exhaust valve system for throatier sounds in Sport and more restrained noise emissions in Eco or Comfort modes.

The new exhaust also frees up an additional three horsepower for a total of 368 hp. Although we doubt this difference will be noticeable, the convenience of a variable exhaust system is always welcome.

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An optional 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment display is also now available with multiple device pairing via Bluetooth and voice control for features like heating and ventilation, audio, and navigation. A split-screen mode is another cool feature for the system. For those sticking with the standard setup, the old seven-inch screen has been replaced by one that is an inch larger, while the 3.5-inch driver info display is now a color 4.2-inch screen. A seven-inch 'Supervision' cluster is also now available. Other features include remote start, priming of heating and ventilation systems, and new driver assistance tech, of which there is a lot.


The new driver aids include forward collision avoidance that can identify oncoming traffic from the other side of the road and also detects obstructions from a greater distance. Lane keep assist can now detect the edge of the road while the blind spot system features differential braking to prevent collisions. The driver condition monitor is also upgraded and can alert the driver if the car ahead has moved off as well as keep tabs on said individuals concentration at speeds of up to 130 mph. Rear cross-traffic alert also now features braking and navigation-based cruise control can adjust speed to account for curves in the road.


Other new tech includes a vehicle exit warning and a blind spot monitor in the optional Supervision cluster that feeds images from cameras beneath the wing mirror housings. Lane centering assistance is also new as is Highway Driving Assist, which will allow the car to maintain a set distance from the vehicle ahead when cruising on the freeway. It can do this while keeping the car in the center of its lane even when driving on a curved road. Finally, a rear occupant alert provides a warning if the driver has left pets or children in the car.

Sales of the new model begin in Korea sometime this quarter with global markets receiving the updated model later in the year.


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