Kia's 'Walken Closet' Is Against Beige Socks


Very punny, Kia very punny.

Kia has provided the puns for this year's super Bowl commercial with its new "Walken Closet" ad using academy award winning actor Christopher Walken. A hapless gentleman is exposed to the lot of "Walken-isms" as he enters his closest. The smooth talking actor scares the beige out of the hapless gent, with a conversation about beige socks and the need for pizzazz. While orange polka-dot socks may indeed have pizzazz we're not entirely sure that the 2016 Kia Optima does.

But then we'd be wrong as Mr. Walken informs us. The all new 2016 Optima is a pizzazz-filled mid-size sedan that combats the bland from it's competitors. Really we're just stoked to see Walken playing with sock puppets and saying "devour" in a Walken-esque way.

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