Kia Sorento Yosemite And Zion Editions Are Ready For Adventure

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Both off-road concepts get bespoke paint jobs and beefy 32-inch all-terrain tires.

The brand new Kia Sorento was revealed earlier this year. With buyers snapping up the brand's SUVs quickly right now, we expect the Sorento to do well, even considering it'll be more expensive than before. Although the new Sorento has a tougher appearance and even an off-road-focused trim with a center locking differential and an on-demand all-wheel-drive system, this is still primarily an on-road SUV.

However, Kia seems to have some even more exciting plans for the Sorento as the company has just unveiled two X-Line Sorento concepts with enhanced capability for tackling harsher terrain. Just two pictures were shared of the hot new Sorentos, which is a pity as from what we can see, they look the part - and then some. Clearly, Kia is sticking by its desire to build more rugged SUVs.

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The two Sorento concepts are known as the Yosemite Edition and Zion Edition. Based on the Sorento X-Line, the Yosemite is engineered for exploring high-elevation mountainous regions while the Zion is envisioned as a "dune-defeating desert escape vehicle."

The X-Line already has a raised ride height and better approach/departure angles, but these concepts take things even further. Each gets a much more aggressive look thanks to unique fender flares and boast 32-inch all-terrain tires. Protecting the body from the elements are custom ski plates along with brush guards in a satin chrome finish. We also noticed black exterior elements and LED spotlights on the Yosemite.

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Forward View
Rear-Facing View
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Pine Green paint in a matte finish is applied to the Yosemite Edition, which also comes with a sturdy roof rack. The Zion Edition is painted in Desert Sand with a gloss finish, while it gets a full-length cargo top. Both SUVs look great and the add-ons work well with this generation's angular lines.

These trail-ready Sorentos will be appearing at selected locations around the country, and while you can't buy them, Kia hopes that they'll inspire more adventurous Sorento customers to take advantage of a range of accessories available to the stock Sorento. Among these are tow hitches, roof rack cross bars, and side steps. The 2021 Kia Sorento will be hitting showrooms this month and will slot in below the bigger Telluride.

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