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Kia Soul EV Interior Spy Shots Show Nearly 300-Mile Range

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This could be the best bargain EV on the market.

The reveal of the next-generation Kia Soul seems to be getting closer and closer. We've captured various spy shots of the popular SUV out testing, including shots of the upcoming Kia Soul EV electric version. What we haven't seen are any pictures of the interior, until now that is.

Our spy photographers have managed to get snapshots of the Soul EV inside and out, so we can now get a clearer picture of what the electric SUV will be like. As we expected, the Soul will retain its funky styling on the interior and exterior, albeit with a few notable improvements.

The general layout remains true to the current Soul but the central infotainment screen looks to be significantly larger than the outgoing model. The climate controls appear to be slightly revised, but the overall positioning is very similar, as is the rest of the dashboard.

The most notable changes appear on the transmission tunnel, where the gear level is replaced with an electric dial instead of a traditional shifter. We've seen a similar dial on other electric Hyundai/Kia models like the Ioniq and Kona Electric. The gas engine Soul models will likely stick with a traditional shifter.

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Other obvious changed include a different gauge cluster, which will be specific to the Soul EV model. Instead of a traditional tachometer, the EV will include some sort of battery/charge gauge. If the Soul EV uses the same electric motor as the Hyundai Kona Electric, it will produce 201 horsepower with a range of at least 250 miles.

The infotainment display on this test mule indicates 437 km (271 miles) of range with 92% battery left, so the Soul EV could potentially go close to 300 miles on a charge. If this range turns out to be accurate, we could be looking at one of the hottest selling EVs when it does eventually go on sale.