Kia Stinger The Perfect Replacement For Australian Police


Don't worry Australia, you still have a cool, RWD police car.

Before the country lost its entire automotive manufacturing industry, Australia was the home of the badass, RWD sedan. Cars like the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore served as high-power police vehicles. Now that these awesome cars are out of production, Australia needs something new to use as a police cruiser. Fortunately, Kia has picked up the mantle of building a cool, RWD sedan. The Queensland police department will now use the Kia Stinger as a police car.


Not only does the Stinger embody the same spirit as Australia's old V8 sedans, it actually proved to be faster than a more powerful Holden Commodore SS-V in a drag race. The Queensland police will take delivery of their first 50 Stingers, and the entire fleet of 200 highway patrol cars is expected to switch later on. The Stinger seems like the right car for the job, thanks to its 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 producing 365 horsepower. "This is a very important day for us," Commissioner Ian Stewart said. "We needed a special product to do a job for us, and that is what we have here. A wonderful product."

Of course, Kia will perform the necessary modifications to get the Stinger ready for police duty - with strobe lights, sirens, communication devices, and a police livery. Other territories in Australia have announced fleets of BMW and Chrysler sedans, but the Stinger will also be considered for duty thanks to its performance pedigree.


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