Kia Teases A Ton Of New Models

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And they all have one thing in common.

Kia's electric car lineup now sits at two strong with the Niro EV and the Soul EV. The Niro offers a usable 238 miles of electric driving range and the Soul is even better with a 243-mile range. But the Korean automaker still has new EVs in the works, which will be joined by a range of upcoming hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and a fuel cell vehicle before 2025.

According to Periodismo Del Motor, Kia's plans involve having 16 electrified vehicles in its lineup by 2025 including nine that have yet to be revealed. Four will reportedly be hybrids, two will be plug-ins, two will be fully electric, and one will be a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Some of these models will be all-new, while some will be new or facelifted versions of existing Kia models. Based on the chart above, it seems unlikely the US will receive all 16 of Kia's proposed electrified vehicles. The chart shows several non-US market Kia models including the Ceed, so not all will have a US equivalent.

Sometimes when automakers reveal charts like this, they use silhouettes of the future vehicles so we can at least guess what they are going to be. This one, smartly, uses the same generic shape underneath a cover as to not give away what type of vehicle each of these cars will be.

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Of the nine cars that are undercover, we have a pretty good guess of what a few will be. Kia is currently in the process of redesigning the Optima sedan, Sportage crossover, and Sorento SUV, and we expect all three to have hybrid versions. The Kia Optima PHEV will likely make a return in the next generation, which leaves the big question of what the two future EVs will be based on. They could be based on existing Kia models, or perhaps Kia has two all-new electric models still in the works.

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