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Kia Teases New 2019 Forte Sedan Ahead Of Detroit Reveal

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Gone is the cab-forward look, replaced by a swept-back design.

Kia clearly still believes in the compact sedan because it will unveil its all-new 2019 Forte sedan next week at the Detroit Auto Show. The automaker has just released three rendered images of the new Forte (we've also included images of the outgoing model) and, we gotta admit, it looks pretty darn good. Kia's latest styling language is present throughout, with that tiger grille and dynamic headlights at either side. We particularly like the large openings directly beneath the headlights.

Obviously the Forte never was and never will be high-performance, but we appreciate the effort to make sexy what could easily be passed off as basic transportation. Kia points out it has evolved the Forte from a cab-forward design to one that is decidedly swept back. Notice the creases in the hood to help provide a more muscular look. Out back, the rear bumper receives separate reverse and turn signal indicators located beneath the taillights. It's a similar look to the Sportage crossover's rear design, with a horizontal strip connecting the taillights. Step inside and you'll notice clean lines and minimal buttons placed below a large screen.

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Kia says the interior layout is aeronautically inspired. Given the recent figures showing crossovers are quickly outselling sedans, it'll be interesting to see what Kia has to offer in what was once a solidly reliable segment. We'll learn more and be on hand at the show starting next Monday.