Kia Thinks It's Better Than Audi Because It Used A Fighter Jet To Design This Car

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Getting a little cocky are we, Kia?

Meet the crossover that Kia is hoping will make an impression with luxury and non-luxury buyers alike: the 2017 Sportage. This is the fourth generation model and clearly the Sportage has come a long, long way since it first debuted way back in 1993. That old design was beyond boring and, most of all, uninspiring. But Kia is a very different automaker today, and ever since it hired former Volkswagen and Audi designer, Peter Schreyer, it's been churning out great-looking cars and crossovers.

We loved the looks of the previous Sportage but the new model is, well, different, especially that front-end styling. Kia claims the overall design was inspired by the shapes and styling found on modern day fighter jets. Check out the video to see those influences.

Funny, we always saw Audi designers as the ones whose designs were the most aero influenced. But when Schreyer left VW and Audi it wasn't on the best of terms and now that he's design chief for Kia and sister brand Hyundai, he wants to outmaneuver his former employer for car design influence. Along with its fighter jet-inspired design, the all-new 2017 Kia Sportage also boasts extraordinary value. A long list of standard features is always nice, but you can get a fully-loaded 2017 Sportage SX with all-wheel drive for thousands less than a base model Audi Q5. Just saying. In any case, check out our latest unboxing review of the new and jet fighter-inspired Sportage. Special thanks to Kia Marin in the San Francisco Bay Area for letting us shoot its Sportage.

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